Issue SE1

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Welcome to this Special Edition issue of The MagPi – a whopping 132 pages of articles taken from the past 29 issues. This is not a “best of” issue… there are many, many other fantastic articles in every issue of The MagPi. Instead we consider this Special Edition a taster of what you can find in every issue of The MagPi, plus it is a great place to start if you have recently got a Raspberry Pi but are not sure what to do with it. Whether you are 9 or 92, there is going to be something here to interest you.

The Raspberry Pi is a very versatile computer that can be used to learn a variety of different programming languages, build simple or complicated electronics projects and even control autonomous vehicles. Getting to grips with the Raspberry Pi, in all of its possible applications, introduces many skills that are vital in industry and research. It is also a whole lot of fun for hobbyists!

This Special Edition contains some excellent Scratch and Python programming articles that are suitable for the complete beginner. They introduce concepts that can be expanded and implemented in other programming languages. There are also several hardware projects. We introduce you to the GPIO with simple buttons and LEDs, then explain how to control your garage door and a robot arm.

The Raspberry Pi camera is a popular addition to the Raspberry Pi and we have several articles that show you how to get the best out of this device. Media is another popular topic and we explain how the Raspberry Pi can be used to listen to internet radio, watch TV programmes plus how to ‘get your groove on’ with Sonic Pi.

Since the first issue of The MagPi appeared in May 2012, we have produced over 1,200 pages of content, created by 100+ different authors. There have also been over 50 volunteers who helped layout the magazine, tested the hardware and code plus proof read the text. Hundreds of hours of work goes into creating each issue of The MagPi, for your enjoyment and education… and it’s free!

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We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we did putting it together. Thank you, from everyone at The MagPi.