Issue 26

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Welcome to Issue 26 of The MagPi magazine.

This month’s MagPi contains another great selection of hardware, software and programming articles. Michael Giles explains how to turn your Raspberry Pi into a magic wand with a fun hardware project that demonstrates the persistence of vision effect, while John Mahorney from Suncoast Science Center in Florida shows how a Raspberry Pi is used to display dynamic art. Big news this month is the launch of the Model B+ and MagPi writer Aaron Shaw has all the details for you on page 22.

Robotics is always a popular theme and Harry Gee continues on from last month’s article and shows how to add speech, voice control and facial recognition to your robot. Additionally, Rishi Deshpande describes how to use the SmartDrive controller board to easily control high current motors.

Another popular topic is beer and Sebastian Duell explains his hardware and software “Mashberry” project which he uses to optimise the mashing process. Karl-Ludwig Butte continues his series on using a Raspberry Pi and BitScope for electronic measurement plus we have an interesting article by Walberto Abad on how to set up your own VoIP telephone system.

Last, but definitely not least, Jon Silvera continues his series on learning how to program with FUZE BASIC. This is an exciting article with lots to discover. I certainly don’t remember ever being able to control sprites this easily with BASIC!

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Finally, a big thank you to all the volunteers who work hard behind the scenes to produce The MagPi for your enjoyment and education.

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