Book Reviews

Issue 13 -

Raspberry Pi for Dummies and Super Scratch Programming Adventure


Issue 13 -

Fly your Cobra MkIII trading and combat craft in this classic game.

Part 1: Introduction to Pi Matrix and programming the I2C bus

Issue 13 -

The Pi Matrix is a fantastic tool for learning GPIO programming on the Raspberry Pi. You could hook up a few LEDs and switches, but why do that when you can program a huge matrix of 64 LEDs? If you are ready to learn about GPIO, this is the first kit you should get.

The Scratch Patch – Pretty poor privacy

Issue 12 -

This program shows you how to implement a “simple substitution” cipher with a reciprocal key. In a reciprocal key, pairs of characters are mapped to each other. This makes life easier as we can use the same key to encipher … Continued