Issue 1

May 2012


Over the coming issues, The MagPi will explore the exciting things that can be done with this very special computer.

We will introduce you to the various Raspberry Pi operating systems, how to program in a range of languages, and start your own interesting projects.  We aim to help experts and beginners get the most out of the Raspberry Pi hardware and more importantly help build a fun a friendly community for everyone to get involved with.

Issue Contents

  1. Fresh Fruit

    If you like your apples to be white and shiny, your apricots made from silicon, and you'd rather talk to your blackberries, then you may be in for a treat...3
  2. The Dawn Of Affordable Computing

    A summary of the early computers4
  3. The Fall Of Programming

    Home computer users were becoming less interested in writing their own programs. Slick-looking, professionally made games that were coming out of software publishing companies were compelling. Ocean Software for example, boasted an impressive library of hit game titles such as … Continued5
  4. The Pioneers – The story of how the Raspberry Pi came to be

    Cambridge and beyond Cambridge University attendees have played a major role in the development of computers in Britain. The story of how these individuals have branched out into various organisations such as ARM Holdings plc, Acorn, Sinclair Research, Element 14, … Continued6
  5. Skutter

    In these articles I will be describing some experiments into controlling real world applications using various aspects of the Raspberry Pi computer. I was inspired to start this project when a member of the Raspberry Pi forum brought to my … Continued10
  6. A Tasty Bit Of RacyPy

    Why not have a play with RacyPy and jump into the world of Linux and programming? RacyPy which uses ​Puppy, a lightweight Linux distribution, which can be used to try out Linux on any PC without even installing it. This is packaged with … Continued12
  7. Debian VirtualBox

    A step-by-step guide to creating a virtual machine of the 'Debian Linux' operating system to run on your Windows PC.16
  8. Programming

    Computer programming or ‘coding’ is a method of getting a computer to perform tasks, such as displaying and processing information, creating games and applications or controlling devices, motors or robots. The computer can interpret our commands through programming languages, which … Continued18
  9. The Scratch Patch

    Here at The MagPi, we highly recommend you to try out ‘Scratch’ – An easy to use programming language for beginners. If you don’t already have Scratch, you can download it from the following website: Once you have it … Continued20
  10. The Python Pit

    Here at the Python Pit, you will find Python and Pygame programs to type in.  Each month we will bring you examples that will help to demonstrate some of the commands and programming methods to get you started writing your … Continued23