Issue 14

July 2013


Welcome to the 14th issue of The MagPi – another fully loaded guide to all things Raspberry Pi!

This month we begin our journey in introducing the newest module in the Raspberry Pi world, the camera, with a great guide written by James Hughes on setup and basic operation.  The conclusion of this article will be found in next month’s edition where James builds on these foundations with hints and tips on advanced usage.

We reload the Matrix with part two of the interesting Pi Matrix article, take a look at the Guzunty board and review the ever popular South West Raspberry Pi Boot Camps.

We bring you more on the programming languages Charm, Scratch and Python plus bring you the first MagPi article on the popular language, Java.

I am pleased to report that all pre-order Volume 1 MagPi bundles ordered via Kickstarter or have now shipped. We will soon have individual issues coming to print.  We hope you enjoy the printed editions and thank you again for your support and patience in helping make the dream a reality.

Ash Stone