Issue 15

August 2013


Welcome to the 15th issue of The MagPi.

Are you bored of school holidays or just want some down time after a hard day at work? This month’s issue has something for everyone! We take a look at the ‘Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator’ and reflect back at some of the arcade history’s greatest games, describing how you can turn your Pi into a retro gaming console!

If that’s not enough, we delve deeper into the the partnership made in heaven, The Raspberry Pi – Arduino double act. We look at connecting the two and even the possibility of controlling your Arduino from the command line.

James Hughes discusses advanced usage of the camera module and we publish more on Cocktail MegaPower and Pi Matrix, where Bruce Hall describes how to produce lighting routines for this clever piece of kit.

We are excited to start you on an epic journey towards making your own operating system in the first in a series by Martin Kalitis titled ‘Bake your own Pi filling’.

We are proud to introduce yet another language to our readers, XML, along with more from favourites Assembler and Python.

On top of all this, as always, we keep you up to date with Raspberry Pi events across the world. Phew! That’s a lot to get your teeth into. We better get started. Enjoy!

Ash Stone