Issue 6

October 2012


Welcome to Issue 6,

In answer to many requests from readers, the Skutter robot series is back with the next thrilling installment.  To get robot projects or field experiments moving, there is an article on powering from batteries.  The MagPi also presents a slightly different use for a pumpkin, as well as interviews and programming columns.

If you have not done so already, then we suggest you try out the new turbo Raspbian image, the speed increase is really noticeable.

Ash Stone
Chief Editor of The Magpi

Issue Contents

  1. Skutter: Adding a motorised base – Part 1

    So far we have focused on controlling the robot arm part of this project. The robot arm is a very exciting piece of kit with lots of possibilities, but I would also like to cover another area that could open … Continued4
  2. Portable Power for your Pi

    Untether your Raspberry Pi with a portable power supply.8
  3. Star Letter: An FET Buffer Stage for GPIO Access

    In response to the In Control article from Issue 4, Clive Tombs shares his own example of connecting to GPIO pins.10
  4. Pumpkin Pi

    A little project to provide some Halloween fun. Wire up a pumpkin with glowing eyes and a motion dector!12
  5. Camera Pi: An interview with David Hunt

    Take a look at the photo to the left and you will see a perfectly normal camera that has been given some extra functionality by the inclusion of a Raspberry Pi in the grip. This is Camera Pi.16
  6. Our Raspberry Pi Summer

    A School Teacher and his son discover coding like it's the 80s again!18
  7. Baby steps in a big world: Ada – a language for everyone

    Introduction In this article I will introduce the Ada programming language, its history, what it can be used for and also, how you can use it with your Raspberry Pi computer. This article has a number of coloured side-boxes which … Continued21
  8. C Cave: Tutorial 4 – Bitwise operators and system commands.

    Did you manage to solve last month’s challenge problem? Here is the solution to compare with, Challenge solution #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int newMask() {   int mask = (double)rand()/RAND_MAX*254+1;   return mask; } int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { … Continued24
  9. The Scratch Patch: Sorting

    The Bubble Sort Algorithm This month, I thought we’d do something a little different: an algorithm. Algorithms are step-by-step instructions for doing a certain task. If you learned the “grid method” for multiplying numbers at school, then you are using … Continued28
  10. The Python Pit: HTML and reading external files

    When programming, it is sometimes useful to be able to read and write to and from external text files. The first example shows you how to use python to create a html web page. The second program displays fading titles pulling data from an external text file.30